Products: RedWing VTOL

Ready For Takeoff

RedWing VTOL is as nimble as it is capable. Designed for ease of operation and training, this all-electric vehicle requires minimal launch/recovery infrastructure and can be flown by highly mobile operators.

With four motors for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) and one motor for forward flight, RedWing VTOL can support payloads up to 5.5 in gimbal, sensors, or additional batteries for longer endurance.


Max Gross Takeoff Weight

55 lbs.

Payload Capacity

Up to 15 lb.


6/10 ft.

Operating Altitude

16,000 ft. DA

Link Range

40 km LOS or more depending on antennas and settings


RFD 900 X and Mesh MIMO


2–3 hours

Cruise Airspeed

35–40 kts

L&R Conversion Altitude

20–100+ ft.

Payload Power

5, 6, 24, and 44V DC


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