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An Unwavering Commitment

Griffon Aerospace is a small business that’s been making big moves since 1995.

With a primary focus on advanced aerospace systems, Griffon has designed, built, and flown thousands of vehicles for a variety of customers including the US DoD, allied nations, commercial business, and university research labs.

For nearly three decades, Griffon has held an unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge innovation with exceptional customer service. And we’re just getting started!

Our History

The Story

The journey began in 1993 when Larry French, Owner and CEO, built Lionheart—a modern take on a vintage-inspired six-place kit aircraft. What started as a passion-project quickly morphed into a brand-new company called Griffon Aerospace.

Although Lionheart aircraft were only produced for seven years, they’re still being flown today. And that legacy is what propelled Griffon’s expansion into the world of unmanned aircraft systems and advanced composite manufacturing.

In 2003, Griffon won its first prime contract for the MQM-170A Outlaw “G1” target production, engineering, and flight services for the US Army’s air defense training program.

Years later, Griffon continues to win contracts with its expanded line of aerial targets and UAVs—including its latest innovation, Valiant.

Over the years, lots of things have changed in the world and in business. But one thing remains the same—our steadfast commitment to designing, building, and deploying unmanned aerial systems that give our servicemen an unfair advantage wherever they fly.

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