Edge Compute Micro Flies on Griffon’s Valiant Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)


19 Jun, 2023, 15:04 ET

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Parry Labs has successfully flown their Edge Compute Micro (EC Micro) with a baseline Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) software operating environment, Stratia, on the Griffon Aerospace Valiant platform.

Griffon Aerospace Valiant flying with Parry Labs Edge Compute Micro at a private airfield in Huntsville, Alabama
Griffon Aerospace Valiant flying with Parry Labs Edge Compute Micro at a private airfield in Huntsville, Alabama

EC Micro was designed as a versatile, ruggedized computing device to provide a unique combination of processing and precision time. This milestone proves EC Micro, powered by Stratia, can provide industry leading processing power into Group 2, 3 and 4 vehicles at the edge, previously not available. It allows for integration capabilities of enhanced payloads, advanced artificial intelligence applications, resilient communication, and dynamic networking both on the ground and in the air, working from a single common operating picture, bringing significant digital capability enhancements to smaller Unmanned Systems.

The EC Micro provides significant reduction in size and weight from Parry Lab’s previous fielded systems, while still providing over 200 discrete signals, an atomic scale clock for synchronization, and advanced GPUs for Artificial Intelligence Applications.

“We are excited to partner with Griffon to provide a MOSA mission system,” said Parry Labs CEO John Parkes. “EC Micro and Stratia software allows platforms such as Valiant to enable the next generation of close air support, situational awareness, and fires, and provide seamless digital interoperability with other US Army Aviation assets.”

“This is what the Government has been asking for – UAS platforms that enable modular and interchangeable payloads with edge computing at little to no integration time or cost,” commented Jordan French, Valiant Program Manager, at Griffon Aerospace. “Griffon’s platforms have always been payload and software agnostic, but the Parry Labs systems provide an architecture that allows us to be even more efficient when it comes to integrations. We are honored to be the first to fly the EC Micro on our new tactical Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAS platform. Leveraging small business innovation and agility, Griffon and Parry look forward to providing MOSA-compliant solutions,” French added.

Parry Labs is proud to support Griffon Aerospace in their UAS endeavors and provide cutting edge technology to the warfighter.

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